Regional Risk Pools (RRPs) provide countries with parametric insurance products that offer rapid financial resources after disasters, along with benefits like improved risk analysis and management. By fostering a collective approach, RRPs help member countries access cost-efficient insurance coverage.

To support the expansion of RRPs, the Global Shield Solutions Platform (GSSP) launched the Global Shield Programme for Resilience Risk Pools (GSRRP) at COP28 in 2023. The GSRRP offers various CDRFI support measures to enhance RRPs’ financial management and reduce exposure to reinsurance premium volatility.

A Study was therefore commissioned to inform the work of the GSRRP. It provides an overview and assessment of alternative solutions for risk transfer to the international capital / reinsurance markets to be less exposed to fluctuating reinsurance premiums.

To provide comprehensive insights and accessible information, two documents have been prepared: a detailed main Report and a Non-Technical Summary.