From April 11th to 12th, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management hosted international experts for the first Climate Risk Finance Forum. It was a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations among risk pools, insurance companies, NGOs, and academia. It was inspiring to witness the exchange of ideas and the cooperative commitment to addressing climate and disaster risks.

Over 70 participants representing various parts of the world came together to delve into the intricacies of Climate and Disaster Risk Insurance and Finance (CDRFI) development. And this meeting wasn’t just an opportunity to gain knowledge, it served as a platform to strengthen a global community committed to addressing these critical challenges.

Our gratitude goes to all the participants for their active involvement; to our track leads Global Risk Modelling Alliance, WTW and Centre for Disaster Protection for their significant expertise and guidance; and to CCRIF SPC, African Risk Capacity (ARC) Group, Pacific Catastrophe Risk Insurance Company (PCRIC) and SEADRIF Insurance Company for their thoughtful insights and dedication. 

As we reflect on the discussions and connections made, we are optimistic about the collective impact we can achieve in building a more resilient future.

You can find the Forum’s Debrief here: